We’ve talked about what goes into your toilet in What NOT To Put Down Your Drain: 4 Essential Items and even give you a quiz to figure it out yourself. But what about the outside of your toilet? Shouldn’t that matter too?

There are many people who seem to think so: These amazing, and amazingly-weird toilets from all across the globe are unlike any bathroom experience you’re sure to have had before. It’s called a “throne” for a reason. We can elevate this most personal/private of actions into a truly one-of-a-kind experience by visiting these bathrooms/WCs/toilets around the world – though you still shouldn’t flush anything besides toilet paper down them.



  1. A poo with a garden view in Ichihara, Japan.

A public toilet designed by famed local architect Sou Fujimoto is surrounded by foliage, green grass, and the pure, unadulterated serenity of the countryside. It’s certainly unique in that it’s ultimately a glass box, but a strategically-designed wall surrounding the bathroom keeps you safe from peeping toms. Serenity, here we come.


  1. Water Closet Palace Hotel in Venice, Italy

Ok, so it’s only a piece of art, but ‘Water Closet Palace Hotel’ is still a pretty cool use for our favorite piece of fecal fandom. You can find it in Venice, Italy, and, while you might not be able to, you know, use this toilet to relieve yourself, it’s a toilet all the same and more than earns its place on this list.


  1. Video game toilet, China

Ever get bored while taking care of business? We all do. But no need to flip through your phone when these game-based public toilets in China become available.  China is working hard to overhaul its public sanitation system, and it’s updating toilets with Wi-Fi, Playstation Games, and even ATM machines so that you can do, well, just about anything  from the comfort of the bathroom.


  1. Comfort and style

This toilet is the ultimate in relaxation, and it’s not just for your grandpa’s aching back. This might be the most comfortable toilet experience we’ve ever seen and is also sure to do the trick if you have a shy bladder: Just put your feet up (literally) to relax while you take care of business. The rest should take care of itself.


  1. Look, ma: No floor!

Scared of heights? You might want to stay away from this bathroom in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. The WC can be found at the top of a 15-floor elevator shaft from the 1970s. Your bathroom experience ends up as the opposite of the relaxed recliner we mentioned above. On the plus side, though, it’s so nerve-wracking, you certainly won’t have to worry about constipation…


  1. Bar-bathroom-bar in Chung Yo Department Store in Taichung City, Taiwan.

Go to the bathroom with a beer in hand in Taiwan. Because the party shouldn’t stop just because you have to go to the bathroom, right? Something like that. With this design, though, it seems that the party might actually be better in the bathroom – a much needed break from a day of shopping.


  1. Trumpet bathrooms in Freiburg, Germany

The Germans have a long history of music, from Beethoven and Bach to the electro pop of the 1980’s. Is it natural, then, for the appreciation for music to extend all the way the bathroom: Why not extend this time-honored tradition to your time on the toilet?


  1. Aquarium in Akashi, Japan:

Like the Little Mermaid, this bathroom is truly under the sea. As the bathroom is called a “water closet” in many countries, this one makes too much sense: It’s a true water closet; all water, all the time, and everything that lives in it as an added bonus.


  1. Ice toilet in The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Yes, you might get a little cold sitting on this toilet. But, as everything in this hotel is made of ice, where you relieve yourself might be the least of your worries. Maybe bring a towel to sit on? Wouldn’t want to get stuck like a tongue to a lamppost in winter…


  1. Retractable urinals in London, Amsterdam, and more

Rising out of the ground after the sun goes down, these pop-up toilets are useful for those out late looking to relieve themselves and helping keep streets a little cleaner by giving people an option to do so. It’s also a safety feature: Those feeling a little uneasy wandering the streets at night have a safe place to pop into. Just make sure you’re not still inside when they sink back into the ground at 3am.