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“Value” is not synonymous with “cheap.” Instead, “value” means that you get more than your money’s worth. It means that you get the best possible outcome for less money than you expected. “Value” also means that the job is done right the first time, because plumbers who must come back and re-do shoddy work are not the plumbers you want in your home. Finally, since time is even more precious than money for most people, “value” means that the plumbers complete their work faster than you anticipated.

Value is one of our core principles at TJK Plumbing, which means that every decision we make is designed to maximize value to the customer. Whatever plumbing issue you may have, the chances are that our experienced professionals have dealt with it many times before, so they will employ proven methods when they arrive at your house. We many not be the cheapest or fastest plumbers in Minnesota, but rather than cut corners, we offer you more value than any other area plumber.

Our experienced plumbers provide value that exceeds your expectations in a full range of residential services in the Elk River area, including:

  • Laundry Room: Many of the large appliances located in this room, such as washers, dryers, and water heaters, are actually delicate machines that require a specialized touch to run at top efficiency, which is what you expect them to do.
  • Kitchen: In many respects, the kitchen is the hub in the center of the wheel that is your family’s home, and if the appliances or pipes are off, your entire family’s day is off as well. That is a situation you cannot tolerate, and neither can we.
  • Bathroom: High-use areas like the bathroom quickly become worn and dates, which is why one of our primary focuses is bathroom remodeling, from quick makeovers to complete renovations.

We are especially proficient when it comes to older homes in well-established neighborhoods, and we give these properties the gentle yet effective touch that this kind of work requires.

Elk River, MN Emergency Plumbers

We offer the same professional, courteous, and efficient service on our emergency calls that we provide for our construction, renovation, and repair customers. In fact, the same plumbers that arrive on time and do their jobs efficiently during the day are the same ones that will come in the middle of the night, if necessary, to put your plumbing issues to bed.

Furthermore, we promise never to price gouge or take advantage of your sudden misfortune, because we are committed to full value for all our customers.

Call us today from the 55330 ZIP code or other nearby area, and let us treat you like family.

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