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When selecting a plumbing contractor in the Minneapolis, Twin Cities area(s), value is arguably the most important consideration. That means a good service at a fair price and work that’s performed efficiently yet thoroughly. These items are especially key with regard to plumbers, because substandard work or billing disputes not only put the rest of a renovation or construction project on hold, but also rob you of the satisfaction that the kitchen, bathroom or other upgrades should provide.

The efficient professionals at TJK Plumbing go beyond your expectations in both these areas. We quickly diagnose your plumbing issues so we can give you a reliable quote that lets you plan accordingly. Then, after we arrive, we work quickly but we never take shortcuts. The sum total is that the final project is ready on time, below budget, and above expectations, which is what you expect from a prestigious company like TJK Plumbing.

Because we want to be your plumbers for life and not just your plumbers of the moment, our efficiency spreads to a wide array of projects that involve your:

  • Laundry Room: This space usually contains some of the largest plumbing appliances in the home, like water heaters and deep utility sinks. These large appliances require a special degree of care to run at top efficiency, and that degree of care is what TJK Plumbing brings to the table on every job we do.
  • Kitchen: With its dishwasher, refrigerator, range, and other food preparation/preservation appliances, this space is much like the laundry room, so it is not a good idea to entrust it to just any area plumber, especially if the work involves gas-electric conversion and other such tasks.
  • Bathroom: It is amazing how a slow-working drain or slight leak affect your day. Not only that, these issues are sometimes indicative of more serious problems which need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

We also handle tasks outside the home, such as code compliance issues and pipe replacement, especially on homes in more well-established neighborhoods.

Minneapolis, MN Emergency Plumbers

When the issues in these rooms are water emergencies, everything is on a compressed timetable except for the care and diligence we use. We respond quickly, even in the middle of the night, and perform curative work in a workmanlike manner.

Furthermore, instead of blaming you for causing the problem in the first place or selling you expensive maintenance packages that are not suited for your property and lifestyle, our experienced plumbers offer expert insight into the problem with the goal of preventing future issues before they arise again.

TJK Plumbing offers the same level of professional service all across the Twin Cities, Minneapolis included! Reach out to us today.

Minneapolis Neighborhoods That We Serve Often

Here are just a few of the neighborhoods in Minneapolis that we serve quite often:

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