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Efficient residential plumbers in Shoreview, MN do the most amount of work in the least amount of time, not because they cut corners, but because they know the right way to approach the job. Moreover, they arrive on site ready to work. They don’t spend their time, and waste yours, deciding what to do next, waiting for more help to arrive, or trying to sell you something you don’t want.

At TJK Plumbing, efficiency is one of our core values, and it’s something we strive to accomplish on every plumbing job we take on, whether it is big or small. Most of that efficiency comes from our meticulous preparation. No crew leaves the TJK parking lot until it has all the tools necessary to do the work and until the team leader has a plan of action to get the job done right. We take these extra steps because we want to forge a long term relationship with every homeowner we serve.

Regardless of the work to be performed, efficient TJK plumbers show up on time, work quickly and quietly, complete the task to your satisfaction, and leave no mess behind.

  • Bathroom: You count on your drains and faucets to work perfectly, and whether the job involves installation or repair, that’s our goal as well. We provide the same attention to detail in hidden plumbing areas, like pipes and shutoff valves.
  • Mechanical Room: The water heater, sump pump, and other large plumbing appliances often located in this space demand special attention, because the components are often older and a little harder to work on, especially if the home is in a more well-established neighborhood.
  • Kitchen: From routine appliance installation or maintenance to complex gas/electric conversions or remodeling jobs, no task is too big and no task is too small for TJK Plumbing.

We are also available for services outside the home, such as code compliance matters and pipe replacement issues.

Shoreview, MN Emergency Plumbers

fficiency is even more important in emergency situations, when time is shorter and expectations are higher. Fortunately, our professional team uses the same, proven methods to approach plumbing issues at 3 a.m. that they use at 3 p.m.

These methods always involve a thorough conversation that lets us understand the exact nature of the problem, a brief staff meeting to get everyone on the same page, a complete inventory of all the necessary tools, and our professional guarantee of results that you can count on.

If you live in the 55126 ZIP code, you can always count on TJK Plumbing.

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