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In the professional world, “efficient” is not synonymous with “fast,” because sloppy work that’s completed in a brief amount of time is inefficient for everyone involved. Such effort often reflects a lack of preparedness or a lack of dedication to the task at hand. 

Efficiency is one of our core values at TJK Plumbing. For us, efficiency begins with effective preparation. When our technicians arrive at your home, they have a definite plan of action and they have what they need to execute that plan. Then, when the work is done, our efficient plumbers restore your home to the same condition it was in before they arrived, so you can get on with your life.

Because of our efficient preparation, we can complete a wide variety of tasks all over your house, including important places like:

  • Kitchens: These rooms have a wide variety of plumbing-related appliances, from heavy duty instruments like refrigerator/freezers to lightweight sink fixtures. Our professionals also work on gas-electric conversions and other large projects in this area.
  • Bathrooms: One of the most commonly used rooms in the home also has some of the most delicate pipes and fixtures. So, to keep running at top efficiency, these items require a specialized touch.
  • Mechanical Room: In contrast, this space usually has many large appliances, like deep utility sinks and heavy water heaters. These appliances are designed to withstand lots of wear and tear, so when problems do appear, they can be quite serious.

Because there are so many older homes in Rogers, MN as well as the Twin Cities metro area, our professionals have learned to treat these residences with a special degree of proficiency and care.

Rogers, MN Emergency Plumbers

Efficiency is even more important when dealing with unexpected situations, because key resources, most notably time, are in short supply. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to diagnose the problem quickly and properly, marshal available resources, give you an accurate timetable for the work’s completion, and arrive ready to get started.

We can handle water emergencies both inside and outside the house, making TJK Plumbers your preferred partner when you need a plumber the most.

Homeowners in the 55374 ZIP Code can count on TJK Plumbing 24/7/365.

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