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Plumbing is an important issue no matter what neighborhood you’re in. But in Uptown, one of the hippest areas in Minneapolis, there will never be need to worry: TJK Plumbing keeps things flowing no matter if it’s in a home, apartment, or condo. We’ve been working in the community for over fifteen years, and plan on being here for many years more to take care of any, and all, your repair, construction, and renovation needs.

We’re known for our efficiency, and we’re ready to work straight-out-of-the-gate. We get into gear the moment we get your call, and by the time one of our technicians arrive at your door, we already know what we need to do to solve your issue. This means we’ll get it done right the first time, and by the time we’re finished cleaning up, you’ll never know there was a problem in the first place.

Your satisfaction is important to us. We have a longstanding relationship the community – and want to make sure it stays that way. Even as the neighborhood keeps changing, we remain reliably the same as the best option for plumbing issues in:

  • Your Bathroom: There is no denying that the bathroom is an incredibly important room in the house – this is why we give extra special care to the pipes, the sink, the toilets, the shower, and everything else found in here.
  • Your Kitchen: Looking for a remodel? We’re there. Pipe burst? We’re there. Need work on the faucet? We’re there. Want us to cook you dinner? Well… we’ll stick to plumbing for now.
  • Your laundry Room: Your washing machine and dryer are located here, and anyone who needs fresh clothes for the morning knows how devastating it can be when something goes wrong.

We get our work done fast, and with no stress for you, so that you can focus on the things that matter in your life. You’ll never doubt that you, and your house, are in the best possible hands.

Uptown Emergency Plumbers

Emergencies happen after dark, and on the weekend too. That’s why TJK is available day and night to deal with any problems that might come up. We can diagnose the problem both inside and outside your home, and immediately and arrive at your home ready to work. No matter where, or when tragedy strikes. It’s important to handle an emergency right away, so you should never hesitate to call.

If you’re in the 55408 ZIP Code area, you can always count on TJK for 5-star treatment – no matter who you are and what you might need.

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