Updates to the biggest arena in Minneapolis

In case you haven’t heard, the premier arena in Minneapolis, the Target Center, has been getting some major updates over the past year. These cosmetic changes are noticeable both on the interior and exterior. I am going to give you a quick rundown of all of the new features, and how it is going to enhance all of the events and experiences that take place at the Target Center year round. Let’s start with the most obvious updates that you can see from the outside.

I think it is safe to say that ever since the top-of-the-line Target Field was built in 2010, the neighboring Target Center was in serious need up some updates. Not that anything was wrong with it, but the two just didn’t seem very equal as they sat only a few hundred feet apart from each other. Minneapolis is a booming town with events, including this year’s Super Bowl, and now we will have three venues in Minneapolis alone that have either been built or completely overhauled in the past 7 years. There are not many other major cities that can say this right now!

The exterior updates to the area include totally new siding that is metal, but has a rustic wood look to it. This is a modern facelift that the Target Center was in desperate need of. This new look helps it fit in next to Target Field and it really makes the area more inviting, as the old Target Center was basically just a big black box in the middle of one of the busiest parts of Minneapolis, a bright and modern city.

Another huge update to the exterior of the building is the new glass entrance and atrium that will become the focal point from the outside. In the past the arena had no main entrance, adding to the fact that it just looked like a giant metal box. These new, largely glass features are going to be the cap on a modern update, the addition that really sets it apart. As the Timberwolves get a new look to their jersey’s and logo, where they play will be getting the same treatment. The hope is that the new arena is another selling point to get some more of the stars of the league to want to come play in Minneapolis.

On the inside, more of the same. It was a very plain arena that was by no means old or rundown, but it really didn’t have anything special or modern to offer. So to keep up with the exterior updates, some of the most noticeable things they added is the brand new jumbo scoreboard that hangs over the middle of the court, luxury lounges, and updated suites. There has also been lots of work done to the lobby area and the concourse as a whole, this will surely follow suite with the wood and modern look on the exterior.

There are plenty more details I could go over, but instead you should make the trip out to downtown Minneapolis and see a Timberwolves game in the updated Target Center for yourself.